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Hi DevNet,

Im trying to find documentation on how to integration with SuperOffice CRM/CS Webservices. The only documentation I find refer to the API. API integration is not an option!

We utilize SOAPUI to facilitate integration testing as well as for qualifying any performance issues.

Our integration BUS would want to communicate directly with SuperOffice by Webservice XML envelopes as such questions arise in regards to the authentication ticket and credentials in the xml header <soap:Header> …  </soap:Header>


Do anyone know where to find the documentation or how to accomplish seemless third party integration?


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RE: Direct integration - Webservices

Hi Michael,

API is a generic term - Application Programming Interface - it just describes ways one application can talk to another application. The term API is not bound to any specific technology. SuperOffice has many API's. Both COM based, .NET based, webservices, vbscript etc. So if you are going to program against SuperOffice you are going to use an API.

Here is a blogpost describing how to use the Webservices API. It also contains links to where you can get more info.

By: Frode Lillerud 29 Jan 2013

RE: Direct integration - Webservices

This reply was posted on behalf and in collaboration with Michael.


XML Webservices does not depend on .NET, vbscript or any other specific programming language. 


What Im looking for is documentation on how to create an acceptable header. I create integrations like BIZTalk which does not depend on any specific language. It is a true Webservice integration by XML envelopes as would any other enterprise solution in a SOA architecture. 


Hopes this clearify the question.

By: Brian Thenning 29 Jan 2013

RE: Direct integration - Webservices

So you want to know the XML format to send to the webservices?

You can get the WSDL from the SuperOffice webservices by adding ?wsdl behind the address to the webservice. For instance: http://localhost/SuperOffice/Remote/SoPrincipal.svc?wsdl

By loading that WSDL in SOAP UI you'll see the XML format it expects:


First call one of the Authentication methods on the SoPrincipal.svc endpoint, to get a valid Ticket:

Then use that Ticket ID when calling other methods. Here is an example calling GetContact on the Contact.svc endpoint:

By: Frode Lillerud 29 Jan 2013

RE: Direct integration - Webservices

SuperOffice SDK's do not include the raw soap xml for each method of each endpoint. We believe that if you are working at this level of integration, you have some idea how to query the service and see the XML Soap elements using your tool of choice.

In this case, you mention that you are using SoapUI. That is a nice application that, as Frode points out, very easily provide you with this information.

Another application, installed with Visual Studio, is WcfTestClient, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE (swap 10.0 for 11.0 if you are using VS 2012).

Both of these tools give you the raw XML elements that make us the SOAP envelopes.

We have never received this request before, but will certainly consider it if there is more people who come forward with this interest.

Best Regards

By: Tony Yates 30 Jan 2013