Mass edit without triggering Webhook

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We have an upcoming task of mass-editing a couple of thousand records (PersonIDs). Is there some way of ensuring that the webhook does not fire at each of these events as it is a non-event for the subscribing systems that usually depend on info from this webhook? Is it possible to temporarily pause the webhook?

If there are any other best practices for such a task, I would appreciate any input from you.

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RE: Mass edit without triggering Webhook

Hi Henrik!

Yes, you can temporarily disable the webhook.

  1. Get webhook definitions or by ID or if you know the ID, just Patch the existing definition.
  2. Set the state to Stopped (Stopped = 2)
  3. Perform your bulk operation
  4. Reenable the webhook by setting the state to Active (Active = 1), Save with a Put request or Patch request.

Just be aware that any other actvities that depend on this webhook will also be ignored during this process, so you may need to handle that separately.

Hope this helps!


By: Tony Yates 14 Apr 2021

RE: Mass edit without triggering Webhook

Thanks Tony - just the reply I was hoping for :-)

By: Henrik Povlsen 14 Apr 2021