REST GetArchiveListByColumns2 - Date Filtering Error


I'm using 'api/v1/Agents/Archive/GetArchiveListByColumns2' to select some data from some Extra Tables.

I have a Restriction on a Date Column which is working for > 'gt' 'after' operators but failes when using >= 'ge' and 'GreaterThan'.

Please see below the same query, but with the different operator:


And then using the >= Operator:


The Comete Error Message is as follows:

Unexpected token '' found. y_aisserialnumbers.x_installationproductid.x_plantype ne 0 and y_aisserialnumbers.x_installationproductid.x_monthofservice eq 2 and y_aisserialnumbers.x_installationproductid.x_installationid.x_installationdate >^= '2009-07-30'\r\nParameter name: Line:0 Col:212

Please can you advise what I am doung wrong here?





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