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Notification concerning SuperOffice v8.5

The next release, SuperOffice v8.5 R01 - available in May 2019, contains a new Tag capability inside Service. Tags enable super-fast searches to locate all tickets tagged with designated keywords. More information about Tags will come, for now this message is to inform you there are breaking changes.

Actions and Consequences

To facilitate tags, a new database column data type was added to the Continuous Database space. The addition means that the new database is incompatible with previous NetServer releases.

In Online we upgrade everything synchronously and expect no problems; there are no breaking changes in the service layer. Database Mirroring is not technically affected.

Onsite installations need some care: any integrations that use older NetServers need to be recompiled with NetServer v8.5 or higher, and be deployed when the database is upgraded.

Integrations that call the service layer are in the same position as Apps in Online, as long as the NetServer they're calling has been upgraded, the apps will work.

To help partners get ready, v8.5 pre-release Nuget packages will be published in April, and versioned accordingly, i.e. 8.5.xxxx-rc.

More details are available on the community blog, but do please address your questions or concerns here in the forums.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


SuperOffice Developer Network

RE: Notification concerning SuperOffice v8.5

Hi Tony,


Thank you for the early warning !

By: Henk Schepers 17 Apr 2019