Ideas in re Quote - cost + markup approach in addition to standard list price.

Looking for ideas/advice on quotes and if anything like the below exist or can be handled by an add on.

Note: this would be for on-premise.

The SuperOffice idea and approach to creating a quote is in summary:

We have x number it items, each item has a list price. – we can, but do not have to apply a discount, and, the template chosen can display a discount, or, it can display as net pricing.

What if you have a company that use this approach some of the time (because many sales are based on ‘shelf ware’.

Other times, they sell custom builds: it is the cost (not list price) of the items that is a basis for a quote, after a % markup is applied.  (the markup and cost elements are obviously not going to be on the quote) but, the quote mechanism should be able to do the markup calculation(s).

And… to add another element to this in regards to ‘very nice to have’: What if you do have a custom build, consisting of 20 sub items, neatly organized in a consistent Ecxel sheet, where the item number already exist in SuperOffice. A write back that allows for a user, when building the quote, to import these items.

ideas most welcome.



RE: Ideas in re Quote - cost + markup approach in addition to standard list price.

HI Eirik,

If the goal is to simply override the default SuperOffice connector, you can do that. We provide the default SuperOfficeQuoteConnector as a nuget package.

Alternatively, you can create your own from scratch and implement it according to your specification.

Hope this helps!


By: Tony Yates 18 May 2020