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Product / Production forecast design ideas

Not sure if this belongs here, but.. .looking for a solution along these lines. 

Production scheduling/planning from Forecast.

assume that quotes are used, and that product A, B, C etc are offered.

The company in question make these products; tooling/setup/recources are involved, and thus planning is required

So, assume there are 3 open opportunities with sale date (or a udef for delivery) in October that includes x units of Product A.

10 units in opp with probability 30%

20 units in opp with probability 50%

6 units with probability 75%


for planning purposes, the Production department should then in any easy manner see that 17-18 units would be called for delvery in October.

- Product A is just one out of several products.

A selection/dump to excel almost gets us there, but the calculations (probability * number of units) + sum of all sub totals have to be done manually every time for every dump. Doeable, but not very elegant.  

As far as I know, Dashboard columns are set (cannot be used for calculated fields either). - May be I missed something.

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RE: Product / Production forecast design ideas


Yeah this is a bit tricky, we have done something quite similar thou.

S&M out of the box cannot do this.
If we would get this specific case, we would eighter just build our own dashboard using crmscript that will do all the calculations and present the information to the delivery team.

Or, simply create a scheduled task that would generate the report for the month and send the specification to the delivery team.

Eighter way, i belive coding is your only option.

By: Pär Pettersson 14 Aug 2020