Stange Rest Behaviour


We have an application using REST which works fine in our development enviroment, but when installed on-site throws strange Number and Date formatting errors.

SuperOffice and the Application run under the same IIS Application Pool which uses a dedicated user but when running the application initially we get Date and Number Formatting errors, which is only resolved by performing an IIS reset.

Once the IIS Reset has been done, the application works correctly, but after ~24 hours, the problem re-appears and only an IIS Reset resolves the issue!

Could anyone suggest why we might be expecriencing this stange phenomena?




RE: Stange Rest Behaviour

Performing strangely is difficult to diagnose.

Perhaps look in the NetServer log files or attach  a debugger to IIS to try to find out what is happening?

What are the error messages coming back from the API?

What requests are you sending? What are you expecting to get back?

What version of netServer are you running?

By: Christian Mogensen 4 May 2021

RE: Stange Rest Behaviour

Have you checked the server OS default format?

Perhaps you are experiencing something similar to what's described in this article on MicrosoftDocs?

By: Bergfrid Skaara Dias 7 Jul 2021