TLS Error when creating Trigger on Company

Hi. I have a problem on an installation running SuperOffice 8.3. When I create a Trigger "Before saving Company" - even if I dont activate this trigger, the users get an error when trying to save a company. The message is "The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel". This happens even if the script only has two lines of code: 

#setLanguageLevel 3; 
EventData ed = getEventData(); 

I have verified that the Symmetric Key/Secret is identical in all web.configs. I have even put these entries into the Service-config file (even if it was not there for this version). 

The main site is running SSL - and has (now) a valid certificate. This was expired - but the new certificate is put in place, but I have not restarted the server. 

Suggestions from anyone on where to start digging? 

RE: TLS Error when creating Trigger on Company

Hi Atle, 

that error message looked familiar. I see we've experienced it twice.

In one case the certificate was expired. Renewing it fixed it. (Not sure if server was restarted).


In the other case I've changed these:

By: Frode Lillerud 19 May 2020