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Concurrent Numbering on Projects / Lost Project Numbers

Hi All and Happy New Year

I have a client on SuperOffice7 who needs concurrent numbering on projects for ISO Purposes. That is, all possible project number from 1 to x need to be accounted for each year.

SuperOffice numbers projects prefectly. However, when a user clicks on 'New' but then clicks 'Cancel', that project number is lost from the system.

If, for example, the next project number should be '550' and a user clicks 'New' then you can see the number '550' in the project number. However, if the user now clicks 'Cancel' (without first saving it) then the number '550' is lost from the system and the next number for the project goes to '551'.

I basically need something to record '550' as a BLANK PROJECT if cancel is clicked so that the number '550' is accounted for, even if there is no data (i.e. project members, activities, documents) in it.

The below did work in 6 but no longer works in 7...

Sub OnProjectPanelShown
if (CurrentProject.Identity = 0) then
CurrentProject.Name = currentproject.projectnumber & " - " & "BLANK PROJECT - NEW THEN CANCEL CLICKED"
end if
End Sub

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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