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As I came up with a solution while writing this question, the initial question will partly be answered (but I include it for others to learn from :)). But there came up other questions that would be interesting to have elaborated by somebody with more insight.

As some of you might already know, it is possible to add fields to a selection in CS even if the field isn't listed in the listbox by using a special syntax.

I've used this syntax to be able to view the ID of an UDF List field in a selection based on the root table Ticket:


To be able to add this field as a search criteria in the selection as well, the same syntax can't be used though.

Does anybody know the correct syntax to be able to add this field as a search criteria as well?

A: I noticed that if I went to the Profile page and choose to edit an already existing field, the syntax that can be used in the search criteria, is used in the field-chooser field. That way one can use the first syntax to add the field in the Profile page and then choose to edit the field to get the corresponding syntax that can be used to add that field as a search criteria.

In this case the syntax was:

The syntax is dependent on the language set on the current user, so if set to Swedish the syntax would be:

So I suppose that some kind of language-indipendent syntax is saved to the database.

Elaboration requested
It would be nice with a complete explanation of both syntaxes and how they can be used. It would also be good ot know which tables the syntax is working for as we are talking about implicit joins that are made in the background.

A few, but complex examples, that really shows the complete functionality of the syntax would also be appreciated.

Is it possible to also view the actual value of a UDF list?

If I have understood former discussions with Stian correct, it isn't possible to take the extra step to also join against table udlist to get the value for the id (long25), which would have been nice.

Something like this:

Or is it?? Do somebody know? :)

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RE: Field Syntax - Search Criteria

Hi Marcus,

The fact that you can use this syntax to "reach" Udef fields is not a part of the original design. Consequently, the functionality is not very consistent. As you point out, you are unable to use it for lists. You can use the syntax to both view and search a field (try adding "ticket.cust_id.contact_id" in "Find requests"). The reason it is not working in your example is probably related to another problem, such as not knowing what kind of where-control to show for this field.

The language-specific syntax you are mentioning is not the correct way. I don't think it would work at all.

Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to document all of these possibilities that are not part of our initial design, but which work by "coincidence". Currently, by design, we do not support Udef fields in Service. This is of course a shortcoming for you when configuring the system, but I think it is better if we spend our time on developing a new unified system for database variability, rather than tweaking the old system.

Sorry for not having a better answer for you at this time.


By: Sverre Hjelm 13 Jun 2017