formatted email signature in CS



we have Standart formatted email signature like here:

We want to have this also in CS. If i try to copy it in CS -> Setting -> Sigature, then I cannot get its like original Format. The font and color is not original:

Is ther a solution? or could I load Signature from File in CS?


Thanks a lot!

RE: formatted email signature in CS

Hi Jianchun,

As always when copying HTML-data from one editor to another, you will get problems with the format due to differences in styling-support in respective environment. There is always differences in the support for embedded/linked CSS-styles, embedded/linked images, HTML-tag support, etc. Then there is the the extra dimension of the format support of the recieving email client. :)

I think the best way of solving the problem is to try to build the same look in the Service-editor. You might not get the exact same result, but probably close enough.

I normally prefer to build these kind of templates from scratch instead of basing it on a copy from a HTML-clipboard object, to avoid getting hidden format data in the template that might or might not lead to unexpected results when viewed in the client. This to keep as much control as possible over the end result.


By: Marcus Svenningsson 4 May 2021

RE: formatted email signature in CS

Hi marcus,


thanks for your Feedbacks.

Yes we can try to build the same look & feel Signature by self, but there is still sth. which is unpossible to create in this rich-text-format-editor like font-size=7, Line-hight...

The fact is, we have defined here Standard-Siganture so that our Customer get our Emails still with Standard-signature no matter the mails comes from Outlook or our Ticket system. 

It would be perfect solution and our Wishes to CS if it is probvability to load template from html-file. Maybe I can try to implement this apps for our User, I just don't know where are User Sigature saved in the SO Online Database, and with which class or Method from netserver Webservice i could reach that.

By: Jianchun You 4 May 2021

RE: formatted email signature in CS


I understand the problem and it might be room for some improvement when it comes to this feature.

Copy source code
You also have the possibility to use the "source"-mode feature in the editor. That way you can copy plain html-code to the signature-field in source-mode. I have sometimes used that to be able to get a more unaffected version of the html-code and also when I wanted to apply more specific settings on the style.

Signature field

I'm looking in an onsite 9.1 R03 environment now, but I believe the signature for Service is saved in [EJUSER.signature] (field type: nvarchar(max)).

The editor
I can't answer for which exact HTML-syntax the editor has support for, but it seems to be based on CKEditor 4.10+, so you might get some ideas for what syntax that is supported in their documentation. Then there might be some kind of limitational layer when the text is used in Service, but that is something that somebody from RnD might be able to answer. But it is probably just better to do some trial and error.

CKEditor 4 - Docs, Features


If i understand it correct, the "Copy from Word"-button should be able to handle input in "Word-format", but it seems to be some long running bug in CKEditor when it comes to get this feature to work in newer browsers.

Otherwise it would probably be valuable to find some kind of HTML-editor or tool that can handle the Outlook/Word HTML-format and maybe reformat or/and simplify it to a syntax that better fits the feature support of CKEditor.


By: Marcus Svenningsson 5 May 2021

RE: formatted email signature in CS

Hi Marcus,


many many Thanks for your all useful Informatuion.

I will take time to try all the best way and post my results here.


By: Jianchun You 5 May 2021

RE: formatted email signature in CS

Hi Marcus,

copied from my Outlook Signatur, with a litte correction in Sourcecode in CS CKEtior, now I get almost the same Signatur in CS (right) as original format of Email Signature in Outlook.



By: Jianchun You 7 May 2021