Send Message without in Ticket


I will send Message only an customer but without in Ticket, in the Trigger for example by Tickets Owner changed:

Message msg;
msg.setValue("1", ticketId);
msg.send(vTO, vCC, vBCC, subject, body);

Or I comment out with msg.setValue("1", ticketId);

then each time I get Error in Ticket after Ticket Owner changed:

Something went wrong, an error message is logged with current time: ...

If i refresh ticket again, it displays all correctly, but the message was not sent out.

How could i send Messege in trigger without associated in ticket?


RE: Send Message without in Ticket


Suggest you look into Email class to accomplish this instead, Message is meant to be used in relation to a specific Ticket.

By: Michel Krohn-Dale 5 Oct 2020

RE: Send Message without in Ticket

Hi Michel, ok, thanks!

By: Jianchun You 5 Oct 2020