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Set text-color when programatically adding field to "Info Fields v2"?


in a custom screen I've got a "Info Fields V2" element, and in its "Construction Script" I'm adding some additional fields to it. Here is a snippet of how I'm adding a field.

 //Upsale by
 Integer upsaleBy = object.getValue("x_upsale_by").toInteger();
 NSMDOAgent mdoAgent;
 NSMDOListItem sourceItem = mdoAgent.GetListItem("Source", upsaleBy);
 Map upsaleByField;
 upsaleByField.insert("label", "Upsale by");
 upsaleByField.insert("fieldType", "2");
 String name = sourceItem.GetName();
 if (sourceItem.GetDeleted())
   name = "(" + name + ")";
 upsaleByField.insert("value", name);
 element.setFieldValue("addField", upsaleByField);

It would be really nice if we could be able to set the color of the text as well. For example by including this:

upsaleByField.insert("color", "#ff0000");

would end up looking like this:

Would that be possible for you to implement?

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