Join the Pilot Program for 'New Search'

Frode Berntsen 10 May 2021

What is it?

It enables an improved search, and with improved performance - in the Sales client.
It also avoid the need for using '%' in the search value:

  • Free text searches within:

    • Text fields

    • Number fields

    • Addresses

    • E-mail

    • Phone

    • Urls

    • Info texts

  • Navigator search for Company

  • Navigator search for Person

  • Navigator search for Sale

  • Navigator search for Project

  • Navigator search for Selection

Who can join the pilot program?

We are interested in hearing from customers who use:

  • CRM Online

Sign Up

You can sign up now!.
This pilot program will be handled centrally by the R&D Services team 

Effect of enabling the pilot feature:

  • Enabling the 'new search' feature will change the way the system searches for data in the Sales client for all users.
    • It will have no effect on seraches in the Service client for now. In the future when Sales and Service clients are using he same framwork (SCIL) it will use the same search.
    • Mobile CRM will use the 'new search' feature when searching for items and field-values from the Sales client. Ie. 'projects', but not 'requests'.
  • The new feature will also disable the "Freetext search" user interface from the admin client
    • "Freetext search" will still be available / used in the client, it only disables the admin user interface:
    • where both the tab "Freetext search" in "Options" is removed (including generate "Freetext index" and stop words)
    • as well as most of the "Freetext search" preferences in Preference-section is removed.
    • This is due to these settings adn preferences are no longer in use with this new search technology.

During the Pilot Program, you may go back to the old way of searching, if you like to. Send an emil to pilot@superoffice.com. The "Freetext search" preferences and the tab "Freetext search" in "Options" will not be available.

How do you start using the new search?

Once you have signed up and joined the pilot program we will inform you when your tenant has the feature enabled.
 - We are now in a phase where we are optimizing and improving the search. Keep an eye on the search results within the navigator. Your feedback is valuable!

Some ground rules:
We only search for words that begins with your search term. (Eg. “office” will not return “SuperOffice AS” but will return “Interactive Office AS”)

You can not specify other than the content of a text field. Field labels can not be used to narrow down the search. (Eg “department main office” will not return “SuperOffice AS, Main Office” but “main office“ will)

For sales search we are prioritizing sale title above hits within company names. If we get more than 100 hits on sales titles, we are not moving on to search within company names.

How can you give feedback?

We have several ways for you to give us feedback during the pilot testing:

  • Pilot Forum – this is the main communication channel to use. It is where we will inform everyone involved in relevant issues and is a place for you to post questions or provide feedback. You may receive answers from other customers, partners as well as our RnD resources. The pilot forum is only available to you when you have joined our pilot program.
  • Feedback form – there is a Feedback form which is available to everyone all the time here. It can be an easy option to send us a message about anything you have tested. We want to know if you are particularly happy with something as well as hear about any issues you may encounter.
  • Send us an email – we have a dedicated mail address: pilot@superoffice.com you can use to send in your questions or comments. This may be helpful when you want to discuss issues particularly relevant to your installation and you don’t want to post on a forum.