Troubleshooting SharePoint documents 2.0


Troubleshooting 'SharePoint Documents' 2.0

This article will help you troubleshoot issues you may encounter while configuring or use SharePoint Documents.

No access to an existing document or an error ocurred while saving a document

  1. Update access rights

    Either update access rights for the Root and/or the folder, or create a new Group with a minimum of read access, and add the users to this Group.

    You need Edit for documents (in the document library), and read (in the area of the App) for using the App for logging in. Therefore, in this scenario (logging in) user needs read (in the area of the App).

    Create a new Group:

    Admin > Admin centers > SharePoint > site collections > Open the web Site Address ( > Site contents > Site settings > Users and Permissions > Site Permissions  > Create Group > add users to this group

    x -screenshot

    x -screenshot

    x -screenshot

    x -screenshot

    Read for root and the Document library should be enough for the Integration App.

    x -screenshot

    Modify existing groups:

    x -screenshot

    x -screenshot

  2. Check Permissions

    Use the 'Check Permissions' to identify what the users' rights are and if they are sufficient for the task.x -screenshot

  3. Correct document library name and folder names

    If the document library name or folder names has any changes or the wrong values was selected during setup, make sure paths are correct. Try re-configure the setup.

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