What is SharePoint Documents Migration?

Frode Berntsen 25 Aug 2022

What is SharePoint Documents Migration?

Move documents from CRM Online storage to to your SharePoint document library. 
This pilot program is only available for customer already have set up and use SuperOffice SharePoint Documents 2.x


SuperOffice SharePoint Documents needs to be fully configured before you can migrate to SharePoint.

Once the pilot feature is activated, the SuperOffice Admin will get a new option to start the migration wizard.


After you have migrated the documents, you will then open, edit your existing SuperOffice documents in Office365 SharePoint directly from SuperOffice, where you have total control forever. These documents can also be accessed by everyone in your company. Even those who do not use SuperOffice.

Benefit for Pilot users

  • Run SuperOffice as a SaaS solution without any need of locallyinstalled software on a client computer
    • No need to deploy Webtools/OML to users
  • Enable true document collaboration
    • All Microsoft 365 features are available as normal
    • be able to work together in the same document at the same time
    • be able to share documents with anyone and have access to older versions of the document at any time
  • As a SuperOffice user, you don't have to think about where the documents are located
    • Make SuperOffice documents available as any other document in SharePoint
    • Sharing, revision history and other MS 365 features made available
  • Work with SuperOffice documents from any device
  • Advanced Data Access Options (Visible for...)
    • Visible for me -> private in Sharepoint
    • Visible for all -> default access rights from Sharepoint
    • Visible for group -> private in Sharepoint
    • Note - Requirements to set it up:
      you need 'Global Admin' rights in O365 (to be able to authenticate SuperOffice as a trusted app in your MS 365 solution)


  • SuperOffice Online tenant (v. 10.1.5)
    • 'SuperOffice SharePoint Documents' needs to be fully configured before you can migrate to SharePoint.
  • Need access to 'Global Admin' rights in O365 (to be able to authenticate SuperOffice as a trusted app in your MS 365 solution)
    • Either during setup
    • Or send a link to someone who is

Important notes on the pilot feature:

  • Limitation: Maximum 20 000 documents can be migrated per migration-job.
    • You may select how many documents to be migrated per migration-job by creating a document-selection.
  • We recommend migrating documents to SharePoint after all users have logged in to Online SuperOffice CRM after SharePoint is configured. Otherwise, we will not be able to create the document with the correct owner in SharePoint.​
  • When documents are moved, templates will also be moved. All of them.
  • Documents owned by users that does not exist in SharePoint, will get a new owner - SharePoint App (you can choose not to move such documents)​.
  • These documents will also be in the folder "Other" if you have chosen Folder structure – user group.
  • In order to moved these documents, we need a Global Administrator to authorize SuperOffice Documents library app.
    • This app has already been approved if customers are using Visible for (Groups and ..)​
  • Documents that are successfully moved will be deleted from the source library​.
  • Documents that can not be moved will be available as before​ (from CRM Online storage).

How to join the pilot program?

Click here to sign up now. This pilot program is handled centrally by the R&D Services team.

Effect of enabling the pilot feature:

It only enables SuperOffice Admin to start the migration in SuperOffice Admin. SuperOffice Admin needs to complete the migration wizard before any changes are done to the documents.