New pilot version of WebTools for Mac 11.5

Frode Berntsen 8 Oct 2021

New pilot version of WebTools for Mac 11.5 - 11.5.7948.1114

SuperOffice WebTools for Mac is a set of productivity tools for computers running Mac OS X (NOT iOS). This includes Document management integration against SuperOffice Web and Sync against Mac OS X Calendar and Contacts.

Major features in this version:

  • Fix for problems with saving documents with Macos Big Sure and Office for mac 16.49
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


SuperOffice will automatically detect new versions of WebTools and offer the user to update. WebTools can also be downloaded manually from the download menu inside SuperOffice.

System Requirements:

  • SuperOffice 8.1 or newer (Online or OnSite)
  • Any browser supported by SuperOffice
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer

Release notes