User guide for Settings and maintenance

Updated on 9 Jun 2022

This user guide for Settings and maintenance will help you, as an administrator, to set up and configure SuperOffice CRM for Sales, Marketing, and Service.

Adjust SuperOffice CRM to the way you work

You can use SuperOffice CRM right out of the box. You don’t have to make any changes or customise it, to use it.

However, when you’ve developed your own routines, your unique way of working, we understand that you may want to implement these processes in your CRM solution.

Customising SuperOffice CRM to the way your team works will help them get familiar with and adopt your CRM solution quicker. When the system supports your users in their daily work, they are more likely to embrace it.

The benefits of customising your solution:

  • Increased usage: Studies show that the more intuitive the choices in a CRM system are, the easier it is for users to adopt it.
  • Increased effectiveness: When your CRM system reflects the way your users work, the system helps each user to work more efficiently.
  • Better targeting: By customising your CRM software you can segment your data on your own values and fields.
  • Accurate forecasting: If the follow-ups and actions in your CRM system reflect your sales process, you can create more accurate sales forecasts.

Get help from a professional

For more advanced configuration where you need help from one of our professional consultants, please contact us to learn more.

Are you ready to explore more?

Just dive into the how-to guides in the menu to the right. These guides cover all the key features and processes within the Settings and maintenance module in SuperOffice CRM.

Note: Do you have a different CRM version then what’s in the admin guide? In your CRM system, click the F1 button to get help files based on your SuperOffice version and your language. The help languages we offer are: Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian and Swedish.