Create extra tables and fields in Service

Updated on 15 Jun 2022

By adding extra tables and fields to SuperOffice Service you can save a variety of information important for your company. You can add extra tables and fields to your Requests, Contact cards or Company cards.

A good example of an extra field you can use on the customer’s Contact card is a field called “Satisfied customer”, where the value of the field is Yes or No.

For example, you can send your customers a mailing (with link actions) where they can state whether they are satisfied with your services. This will give you valuable insight into the general customer satisfaction rate.

Of course, you can add a wide range of tables and fields to SuperOffice Service to save any information your customer service agents need.

Learn how to set up an extra field and table

There are two ways of accessing the Tables screen in System design:

  1. In SuperOffice Service, select System settings > System design > Tables
  2. In SuperOffice Settings and maintenance, click System design in the navigator and select the Tables tab.
  • Define extra fields
  • Define extra tables

In the Tables screen you can create extra fields and tables. In the Tables screen, you can either choose to (a) create an extra field or (b) create a new table