Configure screens with the Screen designer

Updated on 20 Oct 2021

The Screen designer feature allows you to configure your main screens in SuperOffice CRM. You can create different screen layouts for different user groups, depending on their information needs and workflows. This will help your organisation to be more effective and focus on what matters most. Learn how to configure your Company and Contact cards in this how-to guide.

The Contact and Company cards/screens in SuperOffice CRM come with a default layout, but you can edit them or create your own layouts. Since different user groups often use the Contact and Company cards differently, it could be a good idea to create different layouts for each user group.

Screen designer allows you to remove the unnecessary fields and/or create new, more relevant fields. You can also group the fields in tabs or columns and add your own headings (called “labels”). If you find some of the tabs unnecessary, you can easily remove them or replace them with the tabs that are more suitable for your organisation.

Learn about the Screen designer and its functions below.


Note: Configurable screens are one of the features you get with the license for Development Tools.

How-to guides: