Import products into a price list

Updated on 3 Jun 2022

Import is a great way to quickly populate or update your database with price information. In this how-to guide you’ll learn how you can import all your products, descriptions and product codes.

Before you start importing products

Before you start your import, we recommend you to take a look at the import template we’ve created. You can download this template to create your import file. In this Excel spreadsheet, we've set up the basic data fields in columns. All you have to do is copy your product information into the right cells.

Product Code, Product Name and List Price are mandatory fields. View explanations and tips by hovering over column headings.

Download the product import template [Excel spreadsheet]

Preview of an import file (Excel):

An example of an import file in ExcelUsing an import file is the best way to import all your products into SuperOffice CRM

Watch this video to learn how to import your products into SuperOffice CRM using our import template (video length - 4:22):



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