Publish FAQs to the Customer Centre

Updated on 20 Oct 2021

FAQs (frequently asked questions) published in the Customer Centre is a very convenient way for your customers to get answers to their questions 24/7. In this how-to guide you’ll learn how to publish FAQs in the Customer Centre.

Including FAQs as a self-help tool is likely to reduce the number of requests you receive. When answers to typical and recurrent questions are out of the way, your support agents can concentrate on more urgent and complicated matters.

Create reply templates and FAQs

Service comes with a reply template feature that lets you create and pick ready-made answers to commonly asked questions. How to create a reply template is explained in the chapter about Service for users.

You can also create FAQs in the database that your service agents can choose from when answering customer questions.

Your customers can even access these FAQs through the Customer Centre (web portal) without contacting you. This makes it convenient for your customers to find answers to commonly asked questions round-the-clock. While you will get fewer requests to handle.

Learn how to publish an FAQ

  • Create FAQ entries
  • Publish FAQ entries

Properties screen showing the properties for FAQ's in ServiceChoose FAQ entry properties in SuperOffice Service



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