Find and selections

Updated on 10 Jun 2022

Find the information you need and save it as a selection.

Searching for information in your CRM database is something you do every day. Whether you’re looking for a phone number or a list of all of your open sales, the Find feature will help you locate the information faster.

The following how-to guides will:

  • show you the different ways you can find information in SuperOffice CRM database,
  • explain how you can save your searches as a selection,
  • demonstrate what tasks you can perform using your search or selections. 

With SuperOffice Find you can search for a single piece of data, such as a phone number, or a list of data, such as a list of mailing recipients, for example.

In SuperOffice CRM you can search for:

  • companies
  • contacts
  • selections
  • follow-ups
  • sales
  • projects
  • documents
  • products
  • requests
  • chat conversations
  • form submissions
  • mailings

When you use the Find feature, you can save each search you perform as a selection.

How-to guides: