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  • 8 Jan 2016
  • 5 Jun 2020
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Steps to Reproduce


When a Online customer imports companies or contacts into SuperOffice there is no option for the customer to automatically allocate SuperOffice number.

This means that the customer has to include the numbers in the import file. Most costumers do not know this.


Since the company number field is mandatory the customer has to manually fill out the numbers manually before being allowed to save:


Even when setting "Allocate" on number allocation, import won't add this automatically.


[2019.07.17: rbr]

Hi, when can I expect this to be implemented? The issue was raised 3½ years ago...!

[2019.08.30: karsten.joppich]

I also ran into this situation and would assume that fixing this issue is not rocket science...

[2020.03.26: larseryd]

Any news on this? Its been 4 years...

[2020.06.05: efstathios.kalantzis]

somehow i can not answer here a provisional solution, which works well for me..