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  • 20 Dec 2016
  • 1 Nov 2018
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#59560 SOProtocol: If webtools is installed the webclient will not show the open button if the document is marked as completed

Steps to Reproduce

I wish that there was a special protocol that opened documents directly, i.e. the file itself, so that when in web that the web tool would upload the document if changed, also I would like to be able to open the document in read-only mode, like it is possible in web.


So: Open a document directly in both edit and read mode. And it should work from Windows and Web mode and through ClientCrossMessaging also.


[2016.12.30: m.wagemakers]
We are getting a lot of questions from customers and SuperOffice consultants that want to use Nebula Panels and want to open documents directly. Currently we can only open the document dialog (by redirecting a user to a URL) but it would be a huge improvement if we could just open the document directly by calling the JavaScript function OpenDocument, or by calling some new soprotocol feature.

[2018.03.27: jimmyh]

This is a feature a lot of customers are asking for. Please give this wish priority. 

[2018.04.17: terjenostdahl]

Please prioritize this.