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  • 20 Dec 2016
  • 9 May 2019
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#59560 SOProtocol: If webtools is installed the webclient will not show the open button if the document is marked as completed

Steps to Reproduce

I wish that there was a special protocol that opened documents directly, i.e. the file itself, so that when in web that the web tool would upload the document if changed, also I would like to be able to open the document in read-only mode, like it is possible in web.


So: Open a document directly in both edit and read mode. And it should work from Windows and Web mode and through ClientCrossMessaging also.


[2016.12.30: m.wagemakers]
We are getting a lot of questions from customers and SuperOffice consultants that want to use Nebula Panels and want to open documents directly. Currently we can only open the document dialog (by redirecting a user to a URL) but it would be a huge improvement if we could just open the document directly by calling the JavaScript function OpenDocument, or by calling some new soprotocol feature.

[2018.03.27: jimmyh]

This is a feature a lot of customers are asking for. Please give this wish priority. 

[2018.04.17: terjenostdahl]

Please prioritize this. 

[2019.01.16: dennisp]

Some customers also asked me that. Please give it a priority.

[2019.03.19: Shivan]

We are too working on some panels which will shows document and want to open documents directly from thoes panels. 

Currently its only document dialog by soprotocol and one more click from there.


So some kind of direct protocol will be nice improvment.

So please give it a priority.