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  • 12 Jun 2017
  • 30 Jul 2019
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  • SuperOffice 8.0 SR6
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Steps to Reproduce



  1. What is the problem? (detailed description)
    The dashboards are not showing correct data. We have tested onsite at the customer (8 SR-3), and made a copy of the database and set it up in our environment (8 SR-5)
  2. Is the end customer and environment information correct? (yes/no)
    Not quite, but the are running 8 SR-3 onsite and we have tested this here as well, so the environment is not the issue :-)
  3. Is there an error message? (yes/no)
    No, just wrong data
  4. If yes, what does the error say:  
  5. Step by step to reproduce:
    Create a selection of sales, select for example my pipeline actual amount. See that the result is wrong

It should be mentioned that they have imported a lot of sales through DataBridge, but we have also created sales directly from SuperOffice.

Nothing wrong with the selections, all selections work fine, it's the dashboards or diagrams when you click on visualizations on selection that is wrong.


[2018.01.31: manta]

This does not work on 8.0 SR 6 and also for 8.1 R03

[2019.07.30: natal]

It looks like for CRM online (SuperOffice 8.5 Build Release85_C-2019.06.20-01), weighted forecast for product sales in pipeline also shows wrong amounts despite that base currency is used everywhere.