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  • 6 Oct 2017
  • 1 Mar 2021
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Steps to Reproduce

It would be great to have support for multi-language list values in Customer Service extra-fields. For example, there is a customer who would like to show CRM Company list values also in the Service module.

To do this they use a scheduled task to copy values with this technique


    String sprak = getNSListItemValue("54", getNPContactEntity.GetUserDefinedFields().get("SuperOffice:4"));

    if (sprak != "") {

      company.setValue("x_sprak", sprak);



However, the use both Swedish and English values. And that kind of values do not look nice. Please see the yellow fields in screenshots.


Synchronizing is needed since showing udef-list values are not supported in SO Online (bug/wish reported some time ago)

contact.userdef_id.long08 shows value 11 instead of English (dows not work)