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  • 7 Mar 2019
  • 2 Mar 2020
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  • CRM Online 8.5 - R01
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#6614 Slow startup caused by 'Counter-%' rows in crm7.userpreference Status: Rejected

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Old databases may still have a lot of counter-% userpreference values and these will cause unwanted effects. Logintime may take a lot of time, but latest now was that it made the web CPU spike when Webtools connected. process dumps showed that there where queries going into Userpreference, and after manually deleting all UserPreference entries with PrefSection='System' and PrefKey like 'Counter-%' things worked as expected again

--> Observed that: finding out that this was actually causing trouble in this area so many years after these preferences got obsolete is timeconsuming for support

--> Expected: clean up - please make a dictionary step that will make sure these unused obsolete preferences are deleted automatically


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