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  • 13 Mar 2020
  • 12 Feb 2021
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Steps to Reproduce

It is known that we should be careful wen copying mailing to the new one, especially involving  tracked links in it. Redo all the links manually!

Checking it via source code helps, though it requires some html knowledge, therefore people relay on send test option. There are some situations where sent test will look ok, while some links will be broken in an actual mailing.


use the mailing template copied from another mailing ( file attached ) with some links added 
send test mailing with the tracked links in it;


Observed that: in test mailing tracked links are active, however if you send the real mailing it`s not; 

Expected that:
 To relay on send test option - if links are working sent as test , should work in actual mailing too.

During the testing part it looks like 

send test has:
opening and closing a element.

"We have provided <a

send real deal:

<span style='line-height:107&gt;We have provided &lt;/span&gt;&lt;a href=spmLink30%'><span
              color:#555555'>Babiciukas&nbsp;<span style='line-height:107&gt;links to&lt;a href=spmLink297%'

Observed that:
the HTML changes in the real mailing, compared to the test one.
It changes the HTML in a way that removes the hyperlink + part of the paragraph.


Cause of issue is <span style="line-height:107%">, it is interpreted as Parser code with single %. Turns into <span style="line-height: 107>

This is seen as corrupted html.

The future new version of our mailing editor might address this.