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  • 19 Aug 2020
  • 7 Dec 2020
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  • CRM Online 9.2 - R3
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Steps to Reproduce

Wish: New trigger event called something like "before/after placing order", which we could use to make a script that runs when placing the order. None of the existing trigger events runs when placing an order, so SuperOffice would have to make new one to make this work, since from what I know there is no way for us to make these.

Its useful on multiple occasions, especially for customers who use quote integrated with their ERP system. The use case could for example be that you want to make sure the user has filled in a field on the sales card before being allowed to place the order. This is not possible as of today.


Resolved by introduction of new webhooks on Quote events.

[2020.12.07: espst]

Having a webhook for it is good, but a webhook is not a trigger event. Webhooks comes with both pros and cons and we have had issues with webhooks suddenly being deactivated which would not happen with a trigger. My wish for having this as a  trigger event still stands.