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SuperOffice G9 – your next generation of CRM software

Written by Zarema Plaksij. Published by Miriam Eirin Hiorth Johnson, 12 Jun 2020. Updated 17 Sep 2021

It seems like we live in the world that has decided to restart itself. Everything is changing so rapidly and unexpectedly that in order to stay relevant we all need to keep up the pace and … evolve.

Companies around the world are moving online, embracing digital solutions and distant work, while e-commerce, cloud technologies and subscription economy have confidently taken over the traditional business models, especially in the IT sector.  

Nothing stays the same. And neither does SuperOffice.

A new generation of software

SuperOffice has always embraced innovation and progress.

Seeking to improve our customer’s experience with our product, we regularly update our software with new features and functional improvements – big or small. That’s why our SuperOffice CRM Online users get seamlessly updated with a set of new and improved features and functionality every 3 weeks.

But, every 5 years we take a deeper plunge and introduce not just a new software release, but a new generation of SuperOffice CRM that takes advantage of the latest technological advancements and reflects the newest market trends.

A new generation release comes with bigger changes to the entire SuperOffice CRM platform, employing new technologies, as well as introducing changes to the UI and UX design – all to improve the overall user experience, meet the changing business needs and solve the new challenges that arise in the world.

Today, we present to you our vision for the next generation of your CRM software – SuperOffice Generation 9 (G9).

This roadmap and direction is a result of us welcoming the new technological and business reality, listening to our customers by taking on board their feedback, as well as utilizing the expertise, insight and skills of our talented employees and partners.

Based on our experience, analysis and future forecasts, we present a brand-new SuperOffice CRM solution that aims to connect people, data, processes and customers in a manner that supports sustainable relationships.

This change is a reflection of us acting upon our underlying philosophy: the technology is meant to serve people to work and connect as human beings.

A future-proof CRM solution

SuperOffice G9 is a solution built for the future.

Always investing in new technology, SuperOffice is adapting to the current cloud technologies and changing business models, as well as following the latest trends – automation, customization and digitalization.

By launching SuperOffice G9 we decided to take a bigger step and provide you with the tools that can take you into the future and help you welcome the new digital reality with confidence.

A CRM system to strengthen relationships

Relationships have always been at the heart of our CRM solution. Whether it is relationships with customers or with colleagues, SuperOffice CRM connects people through technology and helps them achieve more. 

SuperOffice G9 not only unites Sales, Marketing and Customer Service into one platform, where everybody is connected, informed and empowered to do their best, but also gives businesses an opportunity to focus on customers and improve employees’ productivity.

SuperOffice G9 is set to help you attract the right customers, make smarter business decisions, sell more, automate work processes, improve your individual productivity, and offer your customers better personalized experiences.

Note: The next generation CRM software from SuperOffice will be introduced as a series of new releases and versions in the coming 2-3 years period.

Please be aware that some of the upcoming features and modules will only be available for SuperOffice CRM Online users. And some of the features will be available as an additional module and priced separately.

To enjoy all of the news that will be introduced, you must be a subscriber to our cloud service.

What to expect in SuperOffice G9?

SuperOffice G9 will be enhanced with new and improved features, functionalities and services to help you connect data, people and processes in a way that helps you create sustainable, long-term relationships with your customers, prospects and suppliers, while optimizing your internal processes and enhancing productivity.

In a series of new releases in the coming years, we plan to introduce a number of new features and functionalities Let’s take a look at some of our plans and goals for G9.

New UX and design

Our new design aims at enhancing the experience of our existing users and meeting the expectations of a new “digital” generation of users.

The new design is based on a vision of how different users in different roles can become even more productive, focus better on building strong relationships, maintain conversations, boost individual productivity and support each other.


A new, simplified and more efficient design:

  • gives you more control over what and how you want to view your CRM information;
  • optimizes what you see on the screen by reducing noise and providing you with more screen space to work with;
  • helps you take a variety of immediate actions on the information you have in your CRM solution;
  • helps you consume data more easily and act on it quicker.

New and improved features

We are always improving the ways SuperOffice CRM can support and improve your business processes in sales, marketing and service.

  • Sales automation

There are already plenty of sales automation features in SuperOffice CRM that ease salespeople’s jobs by helping them save time and focus on customers and prospects: opportunity management, quote management, sales guide, live chat, dashboards, sales analytics (SAINT).

In SuperOffice G9 we aim to give your sales people even more! Our plans include improved and new sales features that are designed to streamline manual, time-consuming sales tasks and allow you to focus more on selling and less on admin tasks.

We plan to improve dashboard reports by representing new types of data, such as sales budgets, and in new visual ways to help you take better control over your pipeline and sales activities.

We intend to make quote management and quote-to-cash process faster and more streamlined to support new price models and workflows.

We will improve the ways you look for relevant information in your CRM database with a redesigned Selection and Find feature, by adding more intuitive steps to search for data, including frequently used, ready-made search templates, and introducing more advanced search options, such as adding “OR” as an operator between groups of criteria.

This improved Selection and Find feature will not only help salespeople identify new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, but also aid your marketing people in identifying target groups for different marketing activities.

  • Marketing automation

Marketing has undergone a complete digital transformation recently. In order to engage with new potential leads and nurture them into actual sales leads, your marketing people must be able to deliver personalized content to the right person at the right time.

Over the last few years we have introduced a number of features that help you engage with potential and existing customers, such as online template libraries, live chat and online forms. To support your efforts even further, we are planning to expand the current marketing features with a number of new tools which can automate your marketing efforts.

To start, we aim to provide you with an improved and more powerful mailing editor so that everyone, and your marketing professionals in particular, can enjoy a simple-to-use editor with much greater flexibility and options to create new email communications.


Email flow automation allows a digital marketeer to create personalized email communication that captures the attention of potential buyers at the right time. Our ambition is to equip your marketing people with the ability to define and send out email flows based on various criteria, such as a specific action or even the lack of an action. Closely linked features are improvements in how you handle bounced emails and manage consent and subscription.


Furthermore, we plan to expand our marketing features set by adding lead scoring – an integral part of email flow and marketing automation. Defining when a marketing lead has been nurtured enough for it to become a sales ready lead will be an important new feature we are looking at. This functionality will support the alignment between the marketing and the sales teams inside your organization.

Finally, the G9 roadmap includes the introduction new marketing dashboards. They will offer you effective ways to monitor, analyze and determine what marketing efforts worked best. Our ambition is to help you measure the effects across flows and show what mailings, links and forms performed best.

A comprehensive set of customer-facing applications

The purpose of our business at SuperOffice is to create a happy customer who creates more happy customers.

SuperOffice G9 is designed to help you work with your customers even better via a variety of digital channels of communication. By offering tools that will help you shape your individual customer journey, create personalized experiences and support your customers on their way to your business.

On a more practical level, SuperOffice G9 also offers a number of features that can help you better communicate, service and collaborate with your customers by creating common workspaces, sharing documents, timelines, projects, and much more.

  • Customer Engagement Center

To help you effectively interact and engage with your customers through digital channels, we will offer the Customer Engagement Center – a set of self-service tools that will further enhance digitalization and automation of customer experience.

Customer Engagement Center will contain such (already existing) features as chat, web forms, tickets registration system, the Knowledge base, etc. and will collaborate with Cloud Office tools, rich in functionality, open for 3rd party components and customizations.


The apps in the Customer Engagement Center will be available on demand in the form of “Function as a Service” and would be easily embedded into any website or portal technology.

AI as a Service

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and how it helps make better-informed and quicker decisions, as well as utilize the cutting-edge technology.

To enable smart user experiences and help our customers use the CRM data to achieve more, SuperOffice G9 will introduce the new “AI as a service” functionality.

In a nutshell, our AI strategy is to seamlessly incorporate standard, publicly available AI in our existing and planned CRM features and processes, eliminating the need to invest in costly and complex in-house AI solutions. Soon you’d be able to analyze a request’s text, categorize requests, and connect with a chatbot supported by AI and Machine Learning.

SuperOffice’s “AI as a Service” strategy is a way of taking the advantage of AI without having to do large investments.


Our AI offering is called Hugo AI service. Hugo AI is seamlessly integrated into the SuperOffice products. To use it, you don't have to do any data preparation or manage models. Instead, you could simply put your data in SuperOffice CRM and features powered by Hugo AI will use this data to help you make smarter sales and customer service decisions.


The upcoming HUGO AI services will include:

  • Detection of the language and sentiment of incoming requests to improve how you respond;
  • Automated categorization of incoming requests based on Machine Learning;
  • Efficient use of the Chatbot that is seamlessly integrated with SuperOffice Chat and SuperOffice Service;
  • Ability to talk to SuperOffice via your Mobile CRM on an iPhone/ Siri.

Cloud Office Automation

Everywhere in the world, businesses increasingly switch to the use of cloud-based applications, as well as digital collaboration and communication tools.

For many years, SuperOffice has offered its customers open APIs, dedicated plug-ins and integrations for all major office packages and tools to offer seamless integration and flawless workflows.

However, the new generation of SuperOffice CRM will offer you new levels of integration between our CRM system and the digital collaboration and communication tools. The Cloud Office automation and collaboration tools in SuperOffice G9 are designed to improve your internal productivity and help you act better on your CRM data.

With the new Cloud Office Automation features in SuperOffice G9 you’ll be able to:

  • Initiate video-conferencing directly from your SuperOffice Diary;
  • Sign in via your cloud identity provider;
  • Work seamlessly with CRM data in your Outlook using SuperOffice for Outlook add-in;
  • Access, create and share documents via SharePoint Online document plug-in;
  • View and use CRM data inside apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint via SuperOffice Office 365 add-in.

APIs, integrations, customizations

Today, a CRM solution is required to give you the possibility to innovate your processes, expand your capabilities, and communicate with other systems. In other words – be flexible!

SuperOffice CRM comes with a set of customizable features and action-optimized user experience, combined with the latest technological advancements and APIs.

With SuperOffice G9 we want to help you further fine-tune your CRM solution up and make it fit your processes like a glove.

That’s why we have invested into the expansion of our APIs and customization tools, as well as developed a comprehensive eco-system that allows our partners to continue to introduce standardized, robust cloud-based integration applications in our App Store.

In our vision for SuperOffice G9 we intend to:

  • Extend the library of robust and low-cost workflows and automations using the embedded and flexible macros and script engines.
  • Enable a greater fit for different user groups via new configurable screens features.
  • Offer a new and updated version of the SDK documents to our APIs for advanced integrations with your back-office systems.
  • Merge customizing technologies from Service and Sales to extend the solution further.

Availability and pricing plans

As you can see – we have many exciting plans for the future. Small and large improvements, as well as brand-new features, functionalities and services are coming your way.

The first question we expect you to ask is: “When will we get your hands on all of this?”

SuperOffice Generation 9 is our vision and roadmap for 2020-2023.

The following novelties will be available within this year:

  • The new user design
  • Improved functionality for searching and finding information
  • AI as a Service
  • Office collaboration with video collaboratio
  • Customer Engagement Center with a range of customer facing applications

Other key initiatives will be introduced over the course of the following 2-3 years. Rest assured – we will let you know when the new features will become available to you.

The new generation of SuperOffice (G9) will be available with a subscription pricing model only for on Onsite and Online customers and only as a Web application.

To reiterate: some of the new features, capabilities and modules will only be available for the cloud version, such as AI as a Service. Other new functionalities will be available as additional modules and will be priced separately.

All new features are first released in SuperOffice CRM Online and available to all users automatically. Companies that have installed SuperOffice on their own services will need to either migrate to the online version or upgrade to gain access to the latest features.

Finally, the users of Pocket CRM will need to download and install the new and improved Mobile CRM app to enjoy the new design and all new features that we developed for our mobile application.Please contact us if you want to discuss how this applies to you. 

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