SuperOffice Online 7.5 R3 – Released

We are starting to upgrade the customers to release 3 of SuperOffice CRM Online.

Test and demo-sites was upgraded the end of February

All new customers will get this version from tomorrow. (Friday 13th)

The upgrade of the existing customers with Pocket CRM licenses will be done in gropups.
The plan is to start with 100 customers today and 50 each day to monitor the load and scale out the pocket serverfarm. In this pace we will have all on SuperOffice Online customers on release 3 at the end of next week.


Changes / Fixes in SuperOffice Online

  • Support for System User in Online SDK
  • Support for creation of MailGun account (e-mail domain) in OC
  • Fixed functionality to view correct serial number in OC
  • ERP sync where both endpoints are behind SSL will fail to connect
  • Performance / stability in eJournalCron process

Pocket server 7.6 in SuperOffice Online

In addition to the new functionality in Pocket we are also doing some backend improvement.

This version are:

  • using one multitenant tomcat application to improve speed
  • using CRM Online login page to authenticate to support cloud authentication
  • Support automatic failover and load balancing in the backend.

When we upgrade the customers:

Existing users that try to connect to the old Pocket server will be redirected to the login page and has to log in with their email address and password.

Users that don’t have a configured pocket application on their mobile needs to use this configuration page;

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