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Update on planned and unplanned incidents

We have today put in place this new channel for informing our CRM Online customers and partners about operations status. One of our primary tasks is to provide a reliable online service for all of you. The number of partners and customers are growing on a steady basis.

In this forum, we plan to keep you updated about planned work on our services, that might affect your ability to log in for short periods. Normally, we will use our normal service windows (saturday nights and tuesday nights) to perform these services.

From time to time, we might also experience down time for various reasons. We call these unplanned incidents. When these occurs, we will strive to inform you here as soon as we are aware of the incident. We will also inform you that we are working to solve the issues and when you can expect the service to be up and running again. We will also inform when the service is up and running normally again.

At this moment, we are not opening up for comments or questions. Feel free to report any problems or questions through your normal channels like cs.superoffice.com.

If you want automatic notifications when things are updated on these pages, please click "Yes" for the email notification. In order to be to do this, you must register and sign in at the top right corner.

Thank you for being our customer and partner.

Kind regards

Hans Christian Gronsleth
Director og Online Services
Mob +47 908 79 516
Email hc@superoffice.com 

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