Sentry denies Write Access [SR_ACCESS_PERSONONCOMPANY]

Hi everybody.

At least one entry in one of our customer's person-table gives us this problem.


It is related to a trigger that is run on the post after saving which does the following:

Customer c;
if(inputValues.get("PersonEntity.UserDefinedFields.customerportal:3") == "True"){


So far there is only one person we have found that this happens on, but if there is one there is many.

The issue occurs no matter what changes you do to the entry, or even without changing anything on the entry. As soon as we hit the save-button on the entry the above error-message pops up (and the popup window isn't closeable without refreshing the browser).

This is an online customer.

What could be wrong?




RE: Sentry denies Write Access [SR_ACCESS_PERSONONCOMPANY]

Hi Johan,


Does it work to edit the person without using CRMScript?

From the error message, my guess is that this person is connected to a company where "our contact" has not been set correctly.

Or that the contact person is not connected to a company, even though the preference is configured for this to be mandatory.





By: Petter Näslund 13 Jan 2021

RE: Sentry denies Write Access [SR_ACCESS_PERSONONCOMPANY]


I never did try to edit the entity through scripts but you were correct that this error on person was due to the company missing an "Our Contact".

I suggest a better error-message for this and an error-message-box that can be closed without refreshing. :)


Thanks Petter!

By: Johan Spånberg 13 Jan 2021