IP address for SuperOffice Online?

Hi guys,

Our customer, who has been migrated to Online recently, has a one-way integration to their NAV system from SuperOffice Online.

The thing is that their NAV is located OnSite, and the customer requests to only open traffic from the Online IP address.
How do I retrieve the IP for the respective SuperOffice Online?

I have pinged the SuperOffice Online ip address which is, but it doesn't work.

Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance.


RE: IP address for SuperOffice Online?


It is indeed ' ' according to this thread: IP Security - only allow CRM Online to access your web services


By: David Hollegien 12 Sep 2018

RE: IP address for SuperOffice Online?

Actually the ip: worked, which is the older ip.

Has the ip not been renewed?

By: Kim Long Nguyen 12 Sep 2018