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Edit List Item GUI are blank ?


Edit list iten GUI are blank,when edit my list item in SuperOffice admin 7.5.5253.100 ?

this is a upgradede SuperOffice.  Old List Items are looking ok, bot not the new ones, i've just made.

List Item GUI

RE: Edit List Item GUI are blank ?

Hi Rune, I think this is a bug with ID's in crm7.udlistdefinition table.

Try this;

select * from crm7.UDLISTDEFINITION where listTableId > 30000

I think you should get two rows. Chat protocols should have listTableId 30002, and "GUI - Webpanel" should have 30001. I suspect you have different values.

By: Frode Lillerud 21 Aug 2014

RE: Edit List Item GUI are blank ?

Hi Frode

Thanks, the looks ok, But I think I have figured out why.

When I create a List (GUI Application) from the WEB Admin, and the look at it in

Windows Admin, then its blank !

By: Rune Næss Elleskov 22 Aug 2014