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LinkedIn shown in Minicard

We have just been upgraded to Super Office ver. 8.0 on-premise version.
Before I had created in Gui-Web panel so I could select a contact and then the contact was automatically found in Linkedin in the mini map.
After the upgrade, I have had problems with this, ie I still Linkedin in mini map, but it no longer seeks the contact appear automatically. It looks like Linkedin has been a change in the query string as the URL that comes if I seek switch up directly in Linkedin, looks different than before, but I can not get the new work, so hope there is someone who can help :)

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

Not the answer but a hint: Try to add the status bar to the mini card, in that way you can open the URL in a separate browser and examine it and maybe change it so that it works.

By: Martin Andersen 25 Jan 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

Hi Martin,
I did and it works, but would prefer to have it inside the mini card and not in another tab (as i get via Navigator button and tool bar)

By: Peter Nielsen 25 Jan 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

I know, but you found out that your link still works, but SuperOffice don't show it.

Is the protocol https, I think it needs to be secure to work.

Can we see how you do it? What is the URL you are using?

By: Martin Andersen 25 Jan 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

Hi Martin,
The URL is:<atfn>/<atln>

By: Peter Nielsen 1 Feb 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the URL, it works when you open in a separate window, but the mini-panel stays empty? Is that the behaviour you get?

By: Martin Andersen 1 Feb 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

LinkedIn is shown in the mini card but the data on the marked person is not shown.
So i need to typåe the name manually.

By: Peter Nielsen 3 Feb 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

I get an error message in the mini card that the HTTPS server does not allow the content to be shown within a frame. If I open it in a new windows, it works fine. Can this be related to a security setting on the LinkedIn site?

By: Sindre Mariero 3 Feb 2017

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

An old thread, but, this is more relevant now I think.

In attempting to mimick this (SO 9.2), it seems as Linkedin has become far more restrictive.  (also running this in chrome); It seems as if 'anything' running inside an iframe is a no-go, and variations what is called in web URL, and variations in the contact card itself, will, when 'show in separate window' cause an error.

(variations are over /in, with a known connection, as well as a firstname, lastname variable used.



Is this now something that is no longer possible in any variation, or has anyone successfully set this up recently.



By: Eirik Simonsen 29 Jun 2021

RE: LinkedIn shown in Minicard

Hi Eirik,

There is nothing we can do when sites decide to use X-Frame-Options or Content-Security-Policy to stop their site from being hosted in a frame, iframe, embed or object tag. 

It looks like linkedin is doing that.

Best regards.


By: Tony Yates 30 Jun 2021