CS after Microsoft update


Customer version 7.5.5154

After a Micorsoft KB update CS behave strangely in Internet Explorer.

A large part of the message window is grey;

If they add "use simple textedit program" in IE, it works. Is it using flash or java?Any tips?

Same for all users. Works in Chrome.

Anne Lene

RE: CS after Microsoft update

Should be pure javascript. No flash or java involved.

Just sounds like the FCKEditor used in 7.5 uses some deprecated javascript that the newly updated browser doesn't support anymore.

By: Hans Wilhelmsen 23 Mar 2017

RE: CS after Microsoft update

I Have seen this before in Internet Explorer. 7.5.5154 is an older version and the latest IE versions don't work anymore with this version.

In some cases it works to run IE in compatibility mode. Under IE options you have the option "Compatibility view settings" Here you can add the URL from the site that you want to use in the compatibility mode.

By: Alexander Hesselberth 27 Mar 2017

RE: CS after Microsoft update

Alexander, I tried that at the customer, also local intranet, did not help.

Works only in other browsers.

SWE office might ask for a red alert version for 7.5 and I know that a partner has a script that solves this. 

By: Emilija Vilija Treciokaite 28 Mar 2017

RE: CS after Microsoft update

Microsoft has released an update that should solve this issue.

The name for this update is Microsoft KB4016446  (For Windows 10).


By: Petter Näslund 11 Apr 2017

RE: CS after Microsoft update

Thanks for the feedback :-)

By: Alexander Hesselberth 12 Apr 2017

RE: CS after Microsoft update

Thanks! I have sent it to the customer :-)

By: Anne Lene Solheim Lilleberg 12 Apr 2017