New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04


from 8.4 R04 Service configuration needs 2 new values. The installation documentation has been updated with this info:

From 8.4 R04 Service needs to know NetServer's symmetric keys which are used to encrypt traffic from NetServer to Service. This is used to enable NetServer to call Service.

Enter the SymmetricKey value found in the web.config file for NetServer: 

Enter the SymmetricSecret value found in the web.config file for NetServer:
You will find both values in the NetServer's Web.config, in the Security - Cryptography section. Enter the value part without the quotes.

For installations where you run upgrade.exe (or ejTermsetup.exe for new installations), the program asks for the keys if they do not exist. It will then test whether the keys are correct.

When running upgrade.exe interactively, upgrade.exe must update its config file with these values. If you do not run upgrade.exe then the values ​​must be manually added to the config file.

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04

Hi Martin, thanks for info.

Which new functionality requires NetServer to call Service? Webhooks?

Will the Service-config file contain something like this?

Are the key and secret just random strings, or MUST they be created using the config.exe application?

Can we change the values, just as long as we make sure they are the same in those two files?

By: Frode Lillerud 20 Nov 2018

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04

These keys are used for the ability to call CS business logic from NetServer. 

These keys must be created with config.exe application, they are not just random strings.

So it is important that the config file has these values correct. 

By: Stian Andre Olsen 21 Nov 2018

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04

Thanks. I'm asking since this will be something that our consultants need to understand when upgrading and moving customers in the future. The more we know about how and why, the less we have to bug you in the future :)

We have our checklists that we go through after an upgrade, and we need to find a way to make sure we've configured this correctly. 

What will break if this is not set correctly? Wil most functionaly just work, but perhaps things like Triggers fail? Or will nothing work?

I assume that it is allways safe to create a new key-secret pair, as long as we update the config file accordingly? It is just only for communication, and not related to anything stored in the database?

By: Frode Lillerud 21 Nov 2018

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04


This will enable SuperOffice RnD and partners to use the Netserver API (REST and SOAP) to work with tickets and messages. This is the first brick in the foundation we need before we can start to merge the UI of Sales and Service.

Future features and changes in our products will rely on this API being up and running

The same API will be used by our Zapier App to create actions and triggers on requests/messages. Zapier is however only for Online customers



By: Erik Eide 21 Nov 2018

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04


I agree with Frode in this case, it would be helpful with a complete architectural explanation of the whole technical workflow of this function. And as I use to say, please, don't keep out any details. :)

Why is this important information?

  • For larger or more security focused customers, one of the implementation activites, is often to look at and discuss which exact parts of Superoffice that are to be exposed and how they should be exposed.
    • Should the recommended reverse proxy method be used or do the customer have some other firewall solution that the want or need to use?
    • Can the same workflow be implemented using the custom firewall or does it require some alternative implementation method?
    • Which EndPoints, URLs and protocols need to accessable or possibly white-listed and for which exact functions?

  • Implementations where multiple NetServers are installed for different reasons
    • I usually never use the "internal" NetServer of the Sales/Service-site for Service or Pocket/Other Integrations, as there are different dependencies that I want to avoid (like HTTP requirement for Service and Expose Web Services for Pocket/Other Integrations).

      This means that I often set up an extra NetServer for Service and one for Pocket/Other Integrations.

    • With this in mind:
      • How does the new requirements affect that kind of architecture?
      • Which NetServers need to be adjusted, etc?
        • I suppose that if the "Integration" NetServer in that architecture are to expose those Service-web-service-functions, it also needs to be using the same crypto-keys? Or?


  • Exactly how is this communication executed between Netserver and Service?
  • Is it web based EndPoints that are called or are some kind of internal-process-calls used?
  • If web based calls, which End Points in Service are used?
  • Is the Service SOAP API used?
    • If yes
      • Then the Service SOAP API-parts need to be correctly enabled
      • Exaclty which SOAP-API endpoints need to be exposed?
      • What URL's should be expected to be called?

As a member of the Swedish Technical Consultant team, who does larger implementations as well as customizations and development, I feel that a deeper technical architectural explanation is required and would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Best Regards


By: Marcus Svenningsson 13 Dec 2018

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04

Hi ,

Will this change open up and enable the possibillity to fetch and store data in service extra tables via the SO REST API ?

Or is this already possible? Not possible ?

Or will it be possible in the future? 


And I agree with Marcus, an detaild behind the scen explanation how this work would be great. Perhaps someone can do a blog-post about it?



By: Anders Larsson 25 Mar 2019

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04


Yes since 8.4 R6 it's possible to do CRUD operations on extra tables using the DatabaseTableAgent, see:

By: David Hollegien 25 Mar 2019

RE: New values for Service configuration from 8.4 R04

Thanks for that information David! 

That was good news :-) 
(Some what a hiden feature I have not seen in the relese notes, or maybe I have missed it)


Best regards


By: Anders Larsson 25 Mar 2019