ticket.customerURL - change validity?

Is it still not possible to change the validity period of the variable ticket.customerURL? A customer would like to change it or remove the time limit entirely.

RE: ticket.customerURL - change validity?

That is possible. But it depends a little on in which context you use it.

If it is used from the auto reply sent to the customer after sending in an email, then this is controlled by the value in the  table Registry with reg_id=337. The value here is given in minutes. You cannot disable it, but you can set a very large value. Note that this value is used for other links as well, for exampe the "edit subscription" link sent out for the customers or in mailings.

If the ticket.customerURL is used in other context than the auto reply, the row with reg_id=330 is used for the validity. This value is given in 10-minutes interval, hence a value of 3 gives 30 minutes of validity.


By: Stian Andre Olsen 12 Nov 2019

RE: ticket.customerURL - change validity?

Many thanks for the info, really helpful!

By: Patrik Larsson 12 Nov 2019