Strange behaviour with tracked links in mailings

Hi everyone

Our customer with OnSite v8.5 has experienced a strange behaviour with tracked links in Mailings.

Somehow the tracked links works fine when sending a test. As soon as the mailing is sent, the respective tracked links are broken and it happens randomly

For instance the following tracked link is broken:

In other cases text is missing in the mailing, so again very strange behaviour.
By unchecking the feature Track all links for the respective mailing, all tracked links seem fine. But this is not a solution for the customer.

The above issues are related to the following bug ids:

Tested the customer's mailing templates in my Online demo, by importing the customer's templates including tracked links.
I was able to reproduce the bugs.
But by copying the html code from the mailing to the new Mailing editor in Online, the tracked links seemed to work fine.

My question is then, could the bug issues above be fixed with the new Editor?
Has anyone experienced similar findings?

The new editor might be based on another platform, which somehow solves the issues, but I am not certain.
So far it seems promising, but unable to confirm.



Hi Kim,

So far this issue has not been reported with the new Editor. As you mention, the new editor is based on another platform, so probably the process of activating the link before sending a definite mailing works differently and does not corrupt the html source code. 

By: Carlos Cervantes 11 May 2021