Zap Competition - Deadline extension

Did you have a great idea for a new Zap for this competiton, but then decided to enjoy a summer vacation first?

Yes, we expected as much, and think it is only fair to extend the deadline for this cool competition a little. 

The deadline for entry is pushed to September 15th and winner will be announced about October 1st. 

Forgotten all about this Zapier competition?

blogged about it before the summer, and here's the summary of what you need to know:

To find great examples of workflow automations available using SuperOffice and Zapier, we invite all SuperOffice and partner consultants to participate in this a fun little competition. 

A panel of esteemed judges will debate, discuss, possibly argue, but eventually select a winner that has submitted a zap workflow that in a creative and elegant manner demonstrates how SuperOffice can be expanded, connected and enhanced using Zapier. 

Enter and win a cool gadget

The winner will win a Remarkable2 tablet (or a new ipad if this is preferred). 

The runner up receives a Euro 200 gift card from 

And of course the honor and recognition from all entries used to create new zaps. 

To participate:

If you are a SuperOffice or partner consultant and want to participate, you can do so by submitting this form where you:

  • explain the pain/problem/value of the Zapier. The greater the pain and value the better. 
  • describe the steps in the Zapier workflow 
  • add a screencapture of the workflow running (it doesn't have to be slick, just use SnagIt or similar)

Your entry needs to be submitted by 4pm on September 15

You may submit more than one entry, but a maximum of three. 

Are you the winner?

Don't let your great ideas go wasted - join and win your new gadget!

Here is the entry form again.

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