Service log files

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    Logfiles from Customer Service are stored in C:\SuperOffice\Customer Service\log unless you have installed it to a different path.

    You may also view the warning log in your browser by by adding the action "dumpWarningLog" with a "date" parameter to your rms.exe/rms.fcgi. This will require sufficient rights in Customer Service, and only works on rms.exe/rms.fcgi and the date format you have to use is as follows: yyyy-mm-dd.

    Example: http://<your website>/scripts/rms.exe?action=dumpWarningLog&date=2016-03-05

    In addition to the logfiles generated by Customer Service, we also log information from SuperOffice NetServer, you may find the location of your NetServer installation by opening the config file stored in C:\SuperOffice\Customer Service and looking at the value after nsEndPoint:
     nsEndPoint = http://localhost/SuperOfficeNS/ServicesXX

    Customer Service uses Remote web services and it will have a SuperOffice Product Configurator similar to 8.web. With this Product configurator you may enable debug logging under Diagnostics.

    After upgrading to a newer version of SuperOffice, if you experience strange behaviour you may need to flush caches. This is done under the debug menu available under http://<your website>/scripts/ticket.exe?action=debug