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    <Username>.ini - used by SuperOffice Remote Travel Server (SORTS.exe), created by SuperOffice Remote Travel (SORT.exe)

    Config file to say which additional documents the user wants copied from the central database.


    Username.ini is created by the SuperOffice CRM - Remote travel client, and all settings under My Documents, Other Documents and Exclued list is written to this file. The file is stored in %localappdata%\SuperOffice and when the travel user syncs it is copied to the central archive \SO_Arc\Wishlist folder.

    Note - it adds the associate_id when you ask for other users and will check the database for this associates current usergroup. Also note that documents from other users are only copied down to the travel user, not from travel user to central.

    SuperOffice Remote Travel Server (SORTS.exe) needs to be run from the travel gateway to process this file, this will generate the Copylist-username.txt file with a list of documents that should be copied to the travel user next time (s)he run the Remote Travel client.