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    What is the maximum amount of e-mails I can send to the customers from SuperOffice Mailing and how long would it take?


    It is worth mentioning that SuperOffice Mailing function is primarily made as an integral part of a CRM system and is not a specialized mailing service for handling large email volumes. SuperOffice Mailing is tightly integrated with the CRM functions and can therefore be utilized in an efficient and user friendly manner.

    Still, compared with more specialized services (such as MailChimp), SuperOffice Mailing cannot compete with them in speed.


    SuperOffice Mailing can send approximately 6 000 emails per hour (respectively, 100 per minute).

    If there are many customers who use the Mailing function at the same time, this will to some extent reduce the sending speed (number of emails per hour/minute), but not the performance of CRM Online in general.

    Currently we have no limit on number of recipients in a Mailing, yet we do not exclude the possibility to introduce it in the future.

    You can send larger volumes of emails from SuperOffice Mailing, if needed, but this should be done in several rounds/selections.

    Example: if you want to send out 160 000 emails, you should first divide them into few selections and check the number of campaign email volume per month you have in your disposal. There is also a possibility to purchase an extra email package, since SuperOffice has a very favorable price to offer:

    MailGun Price

    However, we would recommend our customers that need to send large volumes of emails per month (>50,000 per month) to consider other, more specialized mailing services such as MailChimp, eMarketeer or other.