Splitting SuperOffice Service attachments to multiple locations.

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    In 8.5 R09 (Onsite) we introduced a new table to support possibility for splitting attachments in Service over multiple locations.

    Before introducing this table, location of attachment was specified in config.attachment_path. In versions after 8.5 R09 this is no longer used, but replaced with attachment_location table. This table can contain 1 or more rows. Last row is considered by application as “current” path. We also introduced new field on attachment table pointing to which row in attachment_location particular attachment is connected to.

    Moving Service

    If moving Service and attachment location has changed you need to update last row in attachment_location to point to new path, example:

    USE [SuperOffice]


    DECLARE @path varchar(199)

    SET @path = 'E:\SuperOffice\SO_CS\attachments'



       SET [path] = @path

          ,[updated] = getdate()

          ,[updatedCount] = updatedCount+1

    WHERE attachment_location_id = (select max(attachment_location_id) from crm8.ATTACHMENT_LOCATION)

    Splitting attachment locations

    This is a more complex procedure and we do not offer any GUI for this but must be performed in SQL by adding a new row into attachment_location.

    NB: If you need to move attachments from one location to another this is even more complex as it would also require you to update attachment table etc. Do not recommend doing this without consultant.

    Example of insert:

    USE [SuperOffice]



    declare @pdid int

    DECLARE @path varchar(199)

    SET @path = 'E:\SuperOffice\SO_CS\attachments'

    begin transaction

    update crm8.SEQUENCE set next_id = next_id +1 where tablename = 'ATTACHMENT_LOCATION'

    select @pdid = next_id - 1 from crm8.SEQUENCE where tablename = 'ATTACHMENT_LOCATION'


    insert into crm8.ATTACHMENT_LOCATION values (@pdid, @path, getdate(), 0, getdate(), 0, 0)

    commit transaction