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    Both Mail Link and Web Extensions support connection via proxy server. It automatically inherits proxy settings from Internet Explorer. If the proxy server doesn't require authentication no changes to configuration are required.

    If the proxy server requires a user to log in with his windows credentials, you can instruct both Mail Link and Web Extensions to do so.

    For Web Extensions (TrayApp):

    Add this key HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\DocLink\ProxyUsesDefaultCredentials (type dword) with value 1

    For Mail Link:

    Add this key HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\MailLink\ProxyUsesDefaultCredentials (type dword) with value 1


    By setting ProxyUsesDefaultCredentials to 1 will Web Tools authenticate with the credentials of the currently logged on user.


    Support for forced authentication type

    Since SuperOffice 8.0.6110 (8.0 SR4) we support proxy authentication with specified authentication type. Both Web Extensions and Mail Link support forcing a credential type for the proxy authentication. 

    There are two new registry entries - one for Mail Link and one for Web Extenstions:

    Setting HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\{DocLink|MailLink}\ProxyCredentialType (type string) to either Windows, Ntlm, Digest or Basic will use the corresponding authentication schemes.

    The setting HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\{DocLink|MailLink}\ProxyUsesDefaultCredentials should be set to 1 if ProxyCredentialType is set.



    For Web Extensions (TrayApp):

    Add this key HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\DocLink\ProxyCredentialType (type string) with value Windows (for Windows authentication type)

    For Mail Link:

    Add this key HKCU\Software\SuperOffice\MailLink\ProxyCredentialType (type string) with value Windows (for Windows authentication type)

    Technical overview over SuperOffice Web Tools

    This is a technical blog post written by one of the developers to describe the inner workings of SuperOffice Web Tools. The intended audience is technicians, developers and other special interested.

    Blog by developer Hans Oluf Waaler: https://community.superoffice.com/en/blog/technical-overview-over-superoffice-web-tools/