Multi-factor authentication

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    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) means that a user must prove their identity in 2 or more ways (factors) before they are successfully signed in. This adds an extra layer of security.

    What is the difference between MFA and 2FA?

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is simply a subset of MFA. You combine exactly 2 factors to authenticate the user. 

    For example, when you enter a PIN to pay with your credit card at the store, you are using 2FA!

    Can I use MFA with SuperOffice CRM Online?

    Multi-factor authentication is a feature offered by some identity providers (IDP).

    If your 3rd-party provider supports it - you get it.

    In the SuperOffice sphere, this means that yes - you can use MFA if you register your IDP and your registered IDP supports MFA.

    If you use the built-in standard password-based sign-in service, you can not get MFA!

    But: if your organization has an identity provider that offers MFA and switching to federated sign-in is a viable option for you, simply follow this guide to federated identity management.