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Is my site on SuperID?

In this article

    You can easily check yourself if you are already on SuperID or not.

    There is no checkbox or status for your site directly. SuperID is not a feature in the product, but of the environment that your site is located in.

    To tell the difference:

    • In Settings and maintenance (Admin client), open the Users page.

      • If you are able to set the password for a user - you are not on SuperID.
      • If it says Authenticate: SuperID on each user - you are on SuperID.
    • Go to id.superoffice.com

      • If you are able to sign in (no error message), you are on SuperID.
    • Try signing in to online.superoffice.com

      • If it redirects you to id.superoffice.com, your user is a SuperID user - and if this user belongs to your site - it is on SuperID.
      • If you use multi-tenant - and not all users for all sites are moved over - you'll see the New login experience button if that user is on SuperID.
    • Contact support and ask Is my site custxxxx on SuperID?