Can I use my domain for federated sign-in?

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    Before you start setting up federated sign-in with SuperID, you need to identify the provider and check if your domain name is viable to use as an IdP for SuperOffice CRM Online.

    You can use either G Suite Toolbox Dig or Microsoft OpenId record lookup tool to check domain compatibility.

    G Suite Toolbox Dig

    The G Suite Toolbox can be used to identify problems with G Suite services. Dig supports looking up MX records for both Google and Microsoft domains.

    1. Go to

    2. Enter your domain name and select MX.

    3. Look at the response: if you see ANSWER and that section lists at least 1 entry with outlook, google, or similar you should be good to go! For example:



    Microsoft OpenID record lookup tool

    This tool supports Microsoft domains only.

    1. Insert your domain name in the following URL and go to that page:
    2. If the answer includes authorization_endpoint or similar you should be good to go! For example:


      "error":"invalid_tenant" indicates this will not work for a Microsoft account